It's a Family Affair

It's a Family Affair

When you're running a start-up food company out of your house, it means everyone is involved, and the company works its way into all corners of your life. 

The dinner tables are fluid between work and personal, weekends are spent heading from soccer matches to demos, your kids' flavor preferences become the new item ideas, and weekend family chores include packing shipments.  Our kids are sponges to all that is happening, and it manifests itself in so many exciting ways.  Sometimes it's the shocking statement about our competition that is just so sophisticated for a little kid like, "Mom, why would anyone try this and keep buying it? Wouldn't their investors realize that this is not yummy?".  And sometimes, like this week, it's just pure joy.  We found out our youngest started a Ka-Pop! Club at school.  It's all of his best friends who think that Ka-Pop! is the most fantastic snack on earth (he's got a good filter!), and they get together and eat Ka-Pop!  He brought them Ka-Pop! t-shirts that they wear whenever they can.  They share stickers and funny stories about what they would do if they were the boss of Ka-Pop! It was hysterical this weekend when his best friend and Ka-Pop! Super Fan came over and was just as excited to have a play date with him (finally!) as he was to be at Ka-Pop! HQ. 

As we – incredibly! – celebrate our 3rd birthday; we're so honored to be making something that brings joy to our kids because we know we all sacrifice so much to do it. It's the same when we hear from you about your connection to the food and the brand.  Thank you for your support, encouragement and kind words. 

It means the world to us.

Happy Snacking!

Dustin & Christina Finkel

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