Food & Movement Connection

Food & Movement Connection

Food and movement are interconnected. What feeds you, fuels you and your food choices. Even days ago, our food intake can dictate how we feel today. So, it’s essential to fuel our bodies with whole ingredients, which will differ from person to person. Bringing awareness around how certain foods affect YOUR body is an opportunity to fine-tune its processes and optimize your yoga practice.

Here are some ways what you eat can affect how you feel:

Energy levels

You may notice feeling a bit sluggish after you’ve eaten something rich or indulgent. This is an opportunity to tune into what foods make you feel light rather than weighed down. It’s more challenging to move graceful in yoga when you aren’t feeling empowered by movement. 


Have you ever felt bloated due to indigestion? You may have eaten something that doesn't agree with your body. You may also notice a puffiness in your face. As a result of this inflammation, you may also experience stiffness and pain in your joints which can affect your practice for days after. 

What you eat can affect your spirit, too. You may notice that your mood changes after eating certain endorphin- boosting treats or maybe you feel a bit down after eating something heavier.

I choose to eat a light but powered-up snack before I practice yoga. Ka-Pop! Snacks provide the perfect balance of energy and lightness that works for my body. Find what works for you for a centered, peaceful body.

meet nadia

Nadia is passionate about teaching fun and welcoming yoga classes. She aims to continue to spark inspiration long after students leave the mat.

Nadia lives in Erie, CO with her family. Her favorite flavor of Ka-Pop! is Olive Oil & Sea Salt.

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