I am a health enthusiast, love fitness, and love eating even more. I am a CrossFit instructor and train many of my neighbors and friends. As most of my friends and family will tell you, I am constantly battling the desire to watch every ingredient that goes in my body with the desire to just enjoy eating! One night, a few friends and I gorged ourselves on “healthy chips” that were high in empty calories and bad fats; the kicker, they didn’t even taste that great. Totally cliché, but I knew there had to be a better way! What if I could take the snacks everyone loves – like chips, snack bites/treats, and popcorn – and just do them over with better ingredients? Being a Paleo enthusiast since 2007, I realized I had a bunch of Ancient Grains in my pantry – what if???

My wife and I began the tinkering process and created ancient grain chips, treats, and more. Our first test was with our insanely picky six-year-old, Marek.

When he wouldn’t stop asking for more, we knew we were on to something! We then took our products (and I use that word loosely at this point in the process) to all our neighbors, friends, and family. I have never seen a response to a product this positive. Everyone kept asking for more!
My family and I are thrilled to bring FUN back to healthy snacking! Why does healthy have to be so serious and boring? Let’s take the treats and snacks everyone loves and just use great tasting nutritious ingredients – it’s not rocket science! We believe in being healthy, but not boring. Our team is made of passionate foodies, health & wellness lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

 Better for you. Better for Colorado.
Our products are made from ancient grains grown right here in the State of Colorado. By buying locally grown, raised and processed food and agricultural products, you are receiving high quality fresh products and helping Colorado's economy, local farmers, ranchers, greenhouses, manufacturers and processors in your area.