Olive Oil & Sea Salt Chips

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Sometimes simple really is best.

Sorghum, olive oil and sea salt. Just three well-balanced, simple ingredients that play off of each other perfectly. It’s a taste you’re never going to get tired of, because it doesn’t go overboard on seasoning. It’s a classic flavor for a reason, with ancient grain goodness in every handful. Snack like an adult with the ultimate dip chip!


Gluten-free • Non-GMO • Top 12 Allergen Free • Kosher  No artificial ingredients • Vegan

Super snack powers:

Protein • Fiber • Omega-3s • Potassium • Vitamins • Whole grain


Pair with:
Everything! Especially salsa, guac, cheese & hummus

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Power up your snacking with Nature’s Original Super Snack!

Ka-Pop! Chips use only 100% sorghum, a nutritious & delicious ancient grain. We never use any wheat, corn, rice, or potatoes in our products. Only ancient grains that have been passed down through a millennium.

We pop our sorghum seeds using high-pressure poppers to create an incredibly delicious and craveable snack. Our chips are crunchy, light, full of flavor, and always free of the Top 12 allergens. We are also Gluten Free, Non-GMO and Vegan!

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